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Brent Travelling Expenses

Should our Callgirls need to travel, we shall inform you of the actual Travelling expenses in advance. You would be charged the actual, calculated Travelling expenses, which would be transparent and retraceable to you at any point of time.

As far as possible, we would endeavour to select the cheapest mode of travelling, so that our travelling expenses surcharges would lie within the absolutely moderate limits. Should our Model need to travel by a car, for an example, we would calculate only Fuel costs. At the same time, we would not levy any travelling expenses, if our model resides in the same city.

And thus we would make sure that you know the exact total costs (charges and eventually occurring travelling costs) prior to the date of booking and you would never have to confront and satisfy any additional demands from our Escort ladies, as is the case unfortunately with other Agencies.

Advance bookings of Escorts

We normally do not require any advance booking period. However it is highly recommended to place your urgent booking queries over telephone.

Since our booking procedure is relatively simple (we contact the desired callgirl after your call and confirm, whether she is free and can reach at the booking location at the scheduled time), it can even happen that probability of booking the desired Escort lady is relatively less.

However in any case: give us a call. If required, we would provide you an alternative lady, in case the model of your choice were not available.

Cancelation of a Date

Should it happen that a date with one of our Callgirls needs to be cancelled by the Client. Should the booking be cancelled before the departure of the model from our end, we do not even charge anything to our clients.

However if the Model has already boarded the Train or Flight and there is a possibility that she has to return back to her place immediately after arriving at the agreed location because of an emergency cancellation, we charge an expense allowance of EURO 200 to the client from the invoice amount; and actual travelling expenses must be paid by the client with an immediate effect.

The above illustrated instance is however the Worst Case scenario. We however endeavour to avoid this and we have not come across such an extreme case till now.

Payments by Credit cards

No information about the clients is saved by our Escort agency during the Credit Card settlements for the discretion reasons. Only the amount, booking date and settlement company e-prompt is entered while doing the Credit Card settlements.However we shall not settle the entire booking charges on a single credit card for security (safety) reasons.

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