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Service charges

If nothing has been explicitly agreed upon, we would consider our normal charges for the services of our Escort girls as follows. We would like to request you to please make an inquiry for any other booking schedules.

"Our Escort girls do not work with a Stopwatch in their hands.Should the beginning of a date be delayed, for an example, by 15 minutes, this does not affect the entire agreed booking duration. However the delays should remain within the tolerable spans; our models also do not feel comfortable, if they need to wait for the client for 1 ½ hours."

2 ½ h Escort Date: 600€*

3 ½ h Escort Date: 750€

4 ½ h Escort Date: 900€

Evening Escort Date: 1000€

Overnight Escort Date: 1400€

"We might ask for a booking advance in some cases. You can even make the advance payments by your Credit Cards. Here we would like to emphasize once again, that our agency name shall not be reflected in the Credit card settlement of our client for the discretion reasons. We would also guarantee that no payment reminder would be sent against the outstanding from our side."


It can naturally happen that you need to cancel the booking with a very short notice. For such instances, we have set our rules as follows: If the Callgirl is not on the way to you, we would not charge anything for such cancellations. We do not want to add to your frustration of a spoiled evening by making you pay anything extra for the services, which are not even rendered.

However should the model be on the way to you; by this we mean that our Escort model has already boarded the flight or train; in such event, we would charge you 200 EURO as expense allowance. Besides we would like to request you to please pay the agreed Model charges at the beginning of the booking.

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