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Casting Infos

There is an application page and a short requirement profile for the interested models on the websites of almost all the Escort agencies; however it contains hardly anything except the basic questions.

We would rather like to create a very transparent environment even before we receive your application. And you are requested to read out the following comments carefully before submitting the application to us. We shall be glad to receive your application. Should you have any further query, feel free to call us. We shall clarify all doubts about the booking process, services etc. in a satisfactory, uncomplicated and simplest manner.

You can even chat with or speak to one of our Callgirls ex ante. This would provide you an opportunity to know more about the booking procedure from a Model's perspective. This would certainly be decisive for you, if you are not sure, whether this job is suitable for you or not.

brentmodels©: We do not levy any admission fee or charges for creating your Sedcard.
Should all the requirements for a successful co-operation be fulfilled, we would arrange
for a Photo session with a renowned Photographer, who will take the required pictures.

We do not enter into any contract with our Escort girls, which binds them for a
co-operation or which binds them to the agency for a certain period of time.

Application profile

Should you be able to answer the following question in good conscience with YES, then probably this might turn into a highly successful co-operation.

You are:

- very attractive and sexy
- open-minded and charming
- ready for one night stands
- a voracious lady
- 100% in a good shape
- adequate with good manners

Very Important : Application profile is always of a great advantage for each application. However we can assure you that your Application profile is neither published nor shown in the Internet nor it is visible to the Outsiders. Your application details are treated with absolute confidentiality and are not saved anywhere or accessible to any third party.

Remunerations for Escorts

Should we happen to work together, we procure the Orders for you and you would definitely earn a handsome amount of money. However there are always some background reasons, that you should accept the date.

Should you be on vacation or should you have a private function or something similar, the order is passed on to some other Call girl. It is nowhere binding to you in anyway.

Above all we expect a mutual co-operation from you. We would not allow any errors to happen, as far as punctuality or politeness towards the clients is concerned. Besides this co-operation would be void, if you reject or refuse 5 consecutive dates or if you cannot accept them for personal reasons.

Besides this would provide you chance to have a very lucrative and thrilling part time job, where you would have the liberty to decide the time spent and how much you want to earn. In any case, we shall be at your service for any of your queries and we shall be glad to receive your phone call.

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